Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Patchwork Castle

The continuation of the presentation of fantastical ideas through the physical process of interactive sculpture. In my endeavour to communicate imaginative ideas of my own utopian environment, my practice has veered towards the application of architectural construction, as a means of formulating my concepts. This piece titled ‘Patchwork Castle’ was an equal collaboration between Dale Ponsford and myself. Although we constructed the piece together, we each fulfilled the task with different aspirations and goals in mind, both relating to our own individual contemporary practice. The exhibition was in the end a successful endeavour, and I feel I received a great deal of experience over the course of the project. Even though we incorporated our own ideas into the work, this piece was essentially site specific, and fundamentally we assembled it to work with the theme of the venue. The use of retro, psychedelic carpet attached to every external surface of the structure proved appealing and becoming of the location.

The structure met to health and safety regulations, a frustrating but needed requirement when building anything in a public space. An obligation allowing the castle’s slide to be a functional object, required either myself or Dale to monitor and restrict the number of guests into and onto the second floor of the installation. We took shifts in this task and avoided any unnecessary injuries, which may have occurred had we neglected our responsibilities.

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