Monday, 13 October 2008

Mr Snow

These are the first few drawings of a series i am exhibiting for Ishihara, an event being held at 60 million postcards in bournemouth. The first event takes place wednesday the 15th of October and will change on a monthly basis. Next months theme is den's, this is fortunate for me as it fits in heavilly with my contemporary practise, so i will be exhibiting an instilation aswell as a series of seperate drawings unnasociated with my sculptural work.

This series of pen and ink illustrations depicts a fictional character fittingly named Mr Snow. It shows him going about his daily bussiness, and partaking in various activities to occupy his time. i wanted to keep the lines simple and clean, each piece has been drawn in a continuous line style with a size 0.05 nib.


Hazel Barstow said...

mr snow!
is his head always too cold to be a normal head then?cant wait to continue following his journey!
greetings from a follower:)

nimo said...

You are a drawer!